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45th ISOCARP International Congress
Porto - Portugal, 18-22 October 2009
Low Carbon Cities

>  Kongress

>  Concluding statement from Workshop 3
Transport, community energy and waste/recycling strategies
Chair: Antonia Cornaro

>  Kongress Beitrag von Susanne Fischer, Isocarp Mitglied, Schweiz
2000-Watt Society – the Swiss Vision for the Creation of Sustainable Low Energy Communities

>  Kongress Beitrag von Roland Stulz, Novatlantis, Schweiz
The Great Opportunity for Business, Innovation and CO2 Reduction

>  Final Congress Statement by Chris Gossop, General Rapporteur Porto Congress and ISOCARP President Ismael Fernandez Mejía

Swiss National Delegation, Porto

>  Swiss ND ISOCARP Low Carbon Cities Project
Questionnaire to National Delegations

Margaret Baumann, Antonia Cornaro, President of ISOCARP Ismael Fernandez Mejía, Susanne Fischer
Jeremy Dawkins (Sydney), Monica Ornek and Gaby Kurth, (Isocarp Secretariat), Antonia Cornaro and Manfred Schrenk (VP Isocarp)
Dirk Engelke

Antonia Cornaro, Chris Gossop