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Metropolitan area Vienna Sustainable urban development

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The Swiss National Delegation invited the Swiss and Austrian ISOCARP members to a joint meeting for exchanging ideas amongst neighbouring ISOCARP Members.

The excursion taking place from 1-2 July 2013 was on current urban planning and urban development in the metropolitan area of Vienna. Vienna has reached a top ranking in the World Smart Cities Award 2010 and a leading role regarding quality of life and the environment. Accordingly the City is committed to taking measures to embrace the challenges of being a “Smart City”.

The program on July 2 was as follows (tours on different sites in the city):
• URBION – urban revitalization of the Vienna Gürtel
• Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business
• „Vienna Central Station“: sustainable urban development of a residential area
• Vienna urban development northern station: residential and mixed-use areas

Visits on the next day July 3
• MA18b urban development and planning: Urban Development Plan (Stadtentwicklungsplan - STEP)
• Tour Donau City Vienna: multi functional area and high rise

Participants: Nicole Wirz Schneider, Peter Keller, Stefano Wagner, Hans-Georg Bächtold, Andreas Schneider, Cla Semadeni, Dirk Engelke; Isocarp members from Austria: Silja Tillner, Alfred Willinger, Manfred Schrenk.

With local cooperation & expertise from the Austrian National Delegation, Silja Tillner and Alfred Willinger